How to diversify sex with a partner

Bringing more passion into relationships with intelligence (and security)

sexual diversificationThe desire to diversify sex does not mean at all that it has become bad. Sometimes people want to improve the process, get closer to their partner, and add passion to a long-term relationship. You can diversify sex with the help of fetishes and new sexual practicesTogether with the co-founder of Kinky Russia and a psychologist, we figure out what fetishes are, where kinky beginners can start, and what you should know about safety.

Why add variety to sex

Before discussing with a partner how to diversify sex, it is worth answering the question “Do I need this at all?”. Sex is for pleasure. If both are satisfied with “traditional sex”, this is normal. But it’s also absolutely fine if you want to try something new. For example, you feel that you have fetishes. Or want to make sex in a long-term relationship more exciting.

What are fetishes and why are they normal?

Sexual fetishism is behavior in which inanimate objects become the source and stimulus for sexual desire. It can be clothes, shoes, body parts, things from a certain material. Or actions, phenomena, style of behavior. Objects of desire are called fetishes.

Is it okay to have fetishes? Of course yes. If it does not harm the body, it brings pleasure and occurs with the active consent of all adult participants.

– Fetishes bring new colors to sexual life, as they increase arousal.
– Fetishes help couples keep passion in long-term relationships.
– Fetishes help to give pleasure to a partner and get it yourself.

The DSM-5 Manual of Mental Illness defines non-standard sexual desires as abnormalities. This includes, for example, fetishism, masochism, sadism. Although these desires are officially considered “abnormal”, they are quite common. Sexual psychologist Justin Lehmiller studied the erotic fantasies of 4,175 US residents. Most of the survey participants had at least one “deviant” fantasy – for example, about BDSM, fetishes, group sex .

Usually scientists who study sexual fantasies study them on sex offenders. Of course, in this case, they find a connection between fantasies and subsequent realization. But there is no evidence that anyone who fantasizes about rough sex is bound to have it. Or that they have a mental disorder.

Columbia University professor Richard Krueger says: “Many fantasies that might be considered unusual actually exist in a significant proportion of people. Fantasies can be called pathology only if they prevent a person from living. Or because of them, he is ready to perform an action in relation to another without his consent.

Some data even give opposite results. For example, a study of the BDSM community has shown that its followers have better psychological indicators than other people. They are less neurotic, more open to new people and experiences. They are more conscious and less sensitive to rejection.

To understand if you have fetishes and what they are, you should pay attention to your sexual desires and not be afraid to experiment.

You can watch your fantasies. This gives a result, if not to block them, but to give free rein during masturbation or sex. If there are images and thoughts that swirl in your head and turn you on, you are a fetishist or a fetishist. And that’s okay. No matter how strange your fetish turns out to be, there is nothing to be ashamed of. There are certainly people who admire the same thing and coincide with you in fantasy.

How to talk to your partner about your desires

A safe environment is very important for talking about read more

What You Must Know About Freedom

Some people surmise that having loads of cash equivalents freedom. Do you have heaps of cash, however no additional time to do what you truly, really need to do on the grounds that you’re spending your entire life at your occupation? In the event that your answer is yes, despite everything you don’t have genuine freedom!

6Time Freedom: Some people surmise that having a lot of time to do what they need is freedom. Do you have a lot of leisure time staring you in the face, yet no additional cash to spend on entertainment or the things that would make your life truly incredible? In the event that your answer is yes, despite everything you don’t have genuine freedom!

In any case, you’re not by any stretch of the imagination free would you say you are? meaning,freedom must happens when you have a lot of cash available to you, and a lot of time to would what you like to do. The vast majority are never sufficiently blessed to encounter that flawless mix. A great many people haven’t the foggiest how to make that immaculate mix in their life.

Be that as it may, there is an approach to have genuine freedom in your life. It’s called system advertising and it can present to you the right blend of both cash and time! Keep in mind, cash and time gives you genuine freedom As an alternate method for living, working and gaining, you’re placed responsible for making the circumstances that prompt genuine freedom.

Is it true that you are thinking about whether you have what it takes to accomplish the genuine meaning of freedom that so few people ever figure out how to accomplish? The obstruction a great many people come up against is that they genuinely don’t have a readiness to work and a drive to succeed. They think genuine freedom is something they need, in any case they are simply cheerful being agreeable.

Of course, it will take some vitality and diligent work. Nothing worth doing is ever truly a ‘stroll in the recreation center’. It will be justified, despite all the trouble when you wind up in a position to choose what you need to do, and you likewise have the cash to do it. Nobody to let you know that you can’t bear the cost of it or that you can’t fit it into your excessively occupied calendar. You’ll be settling on the decisions.

Sound great? It is great – it’s not just great, it’s an awesome approach to live! Be that as it may, you’ll never know unless you make the dedication to yourself to satisfy your fantasies of genuine freedom.

In case you’re great at cycling and like cycling quick then it can be enormously energizing to end up cycling rapidly downhill, the wind hurrying past your cheeks. Obviously, for security’s purpose it is dependably a smart thought to wear a cap as they can stop genuine harm in the case of an accident when you give yourself a tiny bit an excessive amount of freedom.

A Hot Air Balloon

As you move into the sky in the crate of a hot air swell the meaning must know can be unimaginable. You look down on the world underneath you and understand that really, none of it truly matters all that much and there’s even a freeing feeling of control over it by then.

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